Sardinas a la brasa en Santurtzi
Santurtzi, Basque cuisine


Our cuisine is one of the distinctive features of the Basque Country. It is based on a blend of traditional recipes and a passion for local produce from land and especially sea. Santurtzi’s restaurants are no exception to this.

Seasonal dishes stand out, with fresh fish taking centre stage and pride of place going to the local speciality: GRILLED SARDINES.

Before you sit down to eat, take a stroll around the FISHING PORT, where you can see fish fresh in from the sea being offloaded every day for sale at the wholesale market.

Fish caught in season served charcoal grilled, in parsley sauce or marinated; Euskolabel-marked local t-bone steaks, irresistible bar snacks washed down with txakoli and other local wines.

These are just a few of the culinary delights that our bars and restaurants prepare with loving care each day.

Santurtzi, puerto pesquero
Euskadi Gastronomika

Some of Santurtzi’s bars and restaurants are members of the Euskadi Gastronomika Product Club, which means that they meet a number of stringent criteria and commitments.

The link below gives more information on this select club and the restaurants in Santurtzi that belong to it.

If you are looking for top quality, look for the Euskadi Gastronomika mark.

Do you love gourmet food?

If you appreciate dishes carefully prepared with local ingredients and served in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere then here are a few ideas that you’ll love.

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Places to eat in Santurtzi

Restaurante Mandanga (el hogar del pescador), Santurtzi

Mandanga Restaurant

Grilled fish, Basque cuisine
Suharri Santurtzi

Suharri Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish, winner of the pintxos contest
Kai Alde Berria, restaurante más antiguo deSanturtzi

Kai Alde Berria Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish
restaurante La Oficina, Santurtzi

La Oficina Restaurant

Homemade food, pintxos
Restaurante Casa Galicia Santurtzi

Casa Galicia Restaurant

Traditional Basque and Galician food.
Restaurante Hoberena, Santurtzi

Hoberena Restaurant

Traditional Basque cuisine