If you are arriving by plane


If you are arriving from Bilbao Airport (BIO) you will find taxis available 24 hours.

If you prefer to use another type of public transport, you will have to take a bus to Bilbao and then make a change.

More information:

Bilbao Airport (Loiu)
Tel: 94 486 96 63/64​

Aeropuerto BIO - Santurtzi

Many options


If you are already in Bilbao, you can come to Santurtzi in different ways.

It depends if you are in a hurry or you want to enjoy the scenery or your budget.

We recommend, whenever possible, that you use public transport.

By Metro

The metro ride from Bilbao to Santurtzi takes about 25 minutes and will cost you about € 2. You have to take Line 2.

More information in Metro Bilbao
Tel: 94 425 40 25

By train

The train departs from the Abando station in Bilbao and takes just over 20 minutes to arrive. You have to take Line C1.

The advantage over the metro is that you can enjoy the scenery along the way.

More information in Renfe Cercanías
Tel: 94 487 91 24

By bus

The Bizkaibus A3151 line connects Bilbao by highway. The trip lasts half an hour and will cost you just under € 2.

More information in Bizkaibus
Tel: 94 420 81 32

By taxi

The taxi will bring you to Santurtzi in less than 20 minutes and will cost you around 20€.

More information in Radio-taxi Bilbao
Tel.: 944448888

By car

Although we recommend using public transport whenever possible, Santurtzi offers free parking on its streets.

In addition, there is an underground car park with very affordable prices.

It is located next to the marina and it will take you less than 20 minutes to get there.

More information on the parking websitewebsite

By boat

One of the best ways to get to Santurtzi is by boarding “Bote Tours”. You can come from Bilbao to Santurtzi -and viceversa.

Enjoy a unique experience visiting the emblematic points of the Bilbao estuary and the Abra bay Getxo, Portugalete and Santurtzi.

More information in Bote Tours:
Tel.: 605 014 365

salidas al mar en Santurtzi
Are you coming on your boat?


If you have arrived to the Basque Country by sea in your own sailboat then you are interested in knowing the free tourist dock we offer in Santurtzi.

Our tourist dock has 3 mooring areas for boats, totally free!

Come to Santurtzi by boat!

Have you arrived to Bilbao port?


If you arrive on the ferry from Portsmouth or the one from Rosslare to the port of Bilbao, you can come and spend a few hours entertaining or stay in Santurtzi getting to know our fishing village, the Abra bay and the Bizkaia Bridge, (World Heritage Site).

And if you arrive from Spain and go to Ireland or the United Kingdom on the ferry, nothing better than taking a stop on the way and enjoying a few hours or a few days in Santurtzi.

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Santurtzi, ferry

What to do in Santurtzi

Santurtzi Itsasoa Museoa -El Museo del Mar

Guided tours of The Museum of the Sea

The Museum of the Sea, Santurtzi Itsas Museoa, gives you an original view of the history of Santurtzi and its seafarers and helps you understand how the coastline has changed over the centuries.
Pesquero Agurtza, Santurtzi

The Agurtza Museum Boat

A fishing boat that has been converted into a museum and interpretation centre focused on the fishing and canning of white tuna. It is the only vessel of its kind in Bizkaia.
Santurtzi, El Bote Tours

The Bote Tours

Sign up for a trip with El Bote Tours and visit the municipalities of Bilbao, Getxo, Portugalete and Santurtzi by boat.
Ver ballenas en Santurtzi

Whale watching

Seeing a whale blow just a few metres away is one of the most exciting experiences that Santurtzi has to offer.
Spa Kabiezes, Santurtzi

Santurtzi SPA

An urban SPA in Santurtzi with swimming pool, jacuzzi, circuits, treatments, massages and first class equipment.
Monte Serantes, Santurtzi

Guided tours of Mount Serantes

Let us show you around: book one of our guided tours of Mount Serantes. Trails, tours and workshops for audiences of all types.