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Mandanga Restaurant

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The Hogar del Pescador (also known as Mandanga) has been based in the 1916 fishermen’s guild building in the fishing port for over 50 years.

It specialises in grilled fish such as sea bream, mackerel, bass and, of course, sardines landed and grilled right here in the port. Its menu also includes mussels in parsley sauce, scorpion-fish mousse, casseroled anchovies, veal cutlets and beef T-bone steaks, among other delicacies.

Decorated with a maritime theme, it serves fine food in two different ambiences: the restaurant per se on the first floor, with spectacular views over the fishing port, and the outside terrace on the quayside.

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​​​​​Puerto Pesquero s/n


Restaurante Mandanga (el hogar del pescador), Santurtzi

Mandanga Restaurant

Grilled fish, Basque cuisine
Suharri Santurtzi

Suharri Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish, winner of the pintxos contest
Kai Alde Berria, restaurante más antiguo deSanturtzi

Kai Alde Berria Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish
restaurante La Oficina, Santurtzi

La Oficina Restaurant

Homemade food, pintxos
Restaurante Casa Galicia Santurtzi

Casa Galicia Restaurant

Traditional Basque and Galician food.
Restaurante Hoberena, Santurtzi

Hoberena Restaurant

Traditional Basque cuisine


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The taste of the sea

Santurtzi is a town on the coast where you can enjoy the sea and the hills with urban and natural attractions, try exquisite seasonal fish dishes such as grilled sardines (the local speciality) and sample tasty bar snacks or pintxos.

You can also see the only traditional wooden sailing vessel open to visitors in Bizkaia and the Museum of the Sea, which features exhibits that show the maritime soul of the town and dramatised recreations of traditional fish auctions.

Or feel the unforgettable excitement of seeing a whale blow just a few metres away from you.

Take to the sea on one of our sailing trips or hire a venue for a musical performance or for your association.

Come to Santurtzi, an attractive, friendly town with the sea in its blood.

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