Euskadi Gastronomika
An excellence-based network


Euskadi Gastronomika is a network of restaurants, bars, shops and other food-related establishments in the Basque Country which have committed to meeting a number of stringent criteria.

Top-quality products prepared lovingly by fine cooks, including internationally renowned chefs, give rise to the delicious cuisine that is such a distinctive feature of the Basque Country.

Euskadi Gastronomika


Santurtzi has a great many bars and restaurants that serve fine food in a friendly atmosphere.

Local sardines and other fresh fish, seafood and farm produce have enabled many of our restaurants to join the select Euskadi Gastronomika  Club.

Don’t miss the chance to sample pilpil style cod, anchovy casserole, Euskolabel-marked local t-bone steaks and other delights of Basque cuisine.

And then of course there are our famous grilled sardines.

SANTURZTI, Euskadi Gastronomika

Euskadi Gastronomika selection

Restaurante Mandanga (el hogar del pescador), Santurtzi

Mandanga Restaurant

Grilled fish, Basque cuisine
Suharri Santurtzi

Suharri Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish, winner of the pintxos contest
Kai Alde Berria, restaurante más antiguo deSanturtzi

Kai Alde Berria Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish
restaurante La Oficina, Santurtzi

La Oficina Restaurant

Homemade food, pintxos
Santurtzi, restaurante El Parque

El Parque Restaurant

Traditional cuisine
Bar Ametza, de pintxos por Santutzi

Bar Ametza Taberna

Bar Zurian, Santurtzi

Bar Zurian

Huevo trufado
Gastro-bar La Capi Gourmet

La Capi Gourmet Restaurant

Rations and delicatessen
Restaurante Palacio de Oriol

El Palacio Restaurant

Basque cuisine
Restaurante Toki en Santurtzi

Toki Restaurant

Grilled meat and fish
Bar Boulevard, de pintxos por Santutzi

Bar Boulevard

Restaurante Maisu

Maisu Restaurant

Roast lamb, traditional cuisine