Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
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Mount Serantes in Santurtzi offers you a beautiful natural environment where you can go hiking, relax and do exercise adapted for you.

Below we suggest several routes around this magnificent natural viewpoint overlooking the Abra.

Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
3 km | 48 minutes


From Santurtzi Park, bear left of the Town Hall and follow Calle J. M. de Barandiarán up as far as Plaza de Kabiezes.

From here, take the first right onto Calle Pajares. Keep following Calle Pajares past the San Jorge football pitch and the Emilia Zuza and San Jorge schools, until you come to the main entrance gate to the Residencia Santurtzi nursing home.

Bear left of the nursing home and then follow a gentle ascent crossing the N644 dual-carriageway and leading up the hillocks of Somo and Alto de San Pedro almost as far as the Los Llanos Recreational Area.

A few metres before the Recreational Area, take the path branching off to the left and follow it through the fields to the summit of Nueve Cruces (326 m).

From there a path on the right leads to the entrance gate to El Fuerte (The Fort).

The summit of Serantes (452 m) is now clearly visible to the west. Take the straight steep path to the top.

To return, retrace your tracks as far as the Residencia Santurtzi nursing home.

Here, take the detour to the left and follow the path of the now underground Oyancas stream onto Travesía de Bullón and Calle Las Viñas passing the Gernika Park until you come to the Santurtzi Itsas Museoa interpretation centre in the Fishing Harbour.

Santurtzi, monte Serantes
8,3 km | 2 hours 15 minutes


From Santurtzi Park, take Calle Sabino Arana —between the Town Hall and the Church of San Jorge— and follow it on onto Calle Mamariga, before turning up a pedestrian ramp through the Grupo Nafarroa apartment complex.

Keep following a series of steps, across the winding Calle Vista Alegre, rejoining it further up.

Follow Calle Vista Alegre before taking a path to the left, which leads across the fields, crossing the concrete road several more times until you come to the north side of El Fuerte (The Fort), a military construction surrounded by a wall and moat.

Walk around the right-hand side of the fort until you come to the level ground in front of the gate, from which a path leads straight up to the top of Mount Serantes (452 m).

On your way down, go around the south side of El Fuerte, following the signposted “GR123 Vuelta a Bizkaia” track until you come to the Birdwatching Hide.

From there, keep going cross-country to the Los Llanos esplanade, where there is a water trough and an information table. Follow the track to the right around the hill of El Mazo (247 m).

Bear off the track and take the path to the left that crosses the fields on the southern slopes of the hill, finally joining the concrete track at a horseshoe bend.

Continue the descent for another 250 m after the next bend and then take a path to the left that winds down to meet Calle Regales. Follow this street across the N644 dual-carriageway into the urban area.

Just 700 m further on take the stairs down to the left, cross the roundabout on Calle Ayuntamiento and from there head to the Sardinera Park.

Turn right along Calle Iparraguirre and then Avenida Itsasalde to the Fishing Port (Puerto Pesquero) and the Santurtzi Itsas Museoa interpretation centre.

Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
3,2 km | 45 minutes


As in route nº 1 (Santurtzi-Mamariga-Serantes), we first head for the Barrio Mamariga, and descend to the left near the church towards the (P1) Bullón district continuing along the route of the stream Arroyo de Oyancas (now subterranean) towards (P2) the Residence from whence we continue on after a steep hill.

We continue along the pathway to the left of the Residence and then cross the freeway overpass between the environmental protection barriers, and turn to the right, to face a steep climb with the Somo and Alto de San Pedro hills on our right hand side. We follow the same path until we get to (P3) the Los Llanos information area.

From here we continue the climb following the path on the left that runs up the slope to (P4) The Nueve Cruces summit Then we climb the path to the right to arrive immediately at (P5) the Fort.

From the Fort we can see the summit and the straight, steep trail that leads there.​

Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
6,5 km | 2 hours and 3 minutes

San Fuentes-Los Heros-Peñalba-Serantes

Our starting point will be (P1) the San Fuentes district which we will cross keeping Santa Lucía to the left and crossing the motorway by the bridge to climb towards the remaining houses that used to be (P2) the quarter of Los Heros.

A track starts at the point where the road ends and climbs up the (P3) east slope of the Cotillo and Pico Emilio hills, later joining the (P4) path that comes from La Cuesta along the ridge of the Portal peak and then leads on to the Peñalba pass. There is a group of ruined hovels here. We reach the (P5) Peñalba rocks directly.

We can then go up the path that leads off straight ahead towards the tower to reach the summit of Serantes or, if we prefer, take a short detour following the path on the left that climbs up to (P6) Cueva Mayor on the route that goes up from Zierbena and then along the summit crest to the summit itself.​

Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
17,37 km | 4 hours and 42 minutes​

Cueva Mayor-La Cuesta-Punta Lucero-Zierbena

Follow Route 1 (Santurtzi-Mamariga-Serantes) until you come to the bend in the road just below the El Fuerte fort. Follow the road past the Sima de El Capitán sinkhole which stands next to the road surrounded by a fence.

At the next bend to the left, take the track on the right that runs horizontally through the trees on the north-eastern slope of Mount Serantes, until you come to the top. Continue along the path, which descends steeply beside an abandoned quarry before you come to the road to Zierbena.

Cross the road and take the concrete track that runs beside the Arroyo La Canal up through the district of La Cuesta, as far as a bus stop, opposite which you will see a sign to La Calleja.

Follow it to a small square with a children’s playground. Here, follow the red and white markings on a lamppost to the path to the left between two walls which leads towards Mount Luzuero.

The first stretch of the path is quite clear but subsequent parts are more worn. When you come to a fork, take the path to the right until we come to the col between the hillock of La Vista and the crest of Luzuero.

Follow the ridge between remains of military facilities to the summit of Luzuero (Lucero) (309 m). Take the same path down to La Cuesta and then follow the N639 road which runs through Zierbena. Head back along the coastline past the Abra Bay to Santurtzi.

Follow Calle Iparragirre and Avenida Itsasalde to the Fishing Port and the Santurtzi Itsas Museoa interpretation centre.

Monte Serantes, Santurtzi
13,6 km | 4 hours and 23 minutes

Peñalba-La Cuesta-La Serna-Serantes

We start this itinerary following the route from Mamariga to Nueve Cruces (P1) 48′

Then we head up along the crest to (P2) Peñalba, and on down, following the pass and around the right-hand side of Pico Emilio, to the crossroads (P3) on its pass. We take the right-hand fork and follow the broad path down the ridge towards the district of La Cuesta (P4), where it becomes a paved road.

Just before the cemetery, we take the path on the right, which leads to (P5) Valle.

From the square in Valle we head towards the hilltop, passing by the bar on our right and taking a tarmac road which soon becomes a dirt track, heading towards the visible upper part of an abandoned quarry. The path passes beneath the spot known as La Serna and then winds up (P6) to the hilltop. From there, we follow the same path on to the summit of Mount Serantes.

From there, we head back down towards Santurtzi following route nº 1.

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