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How about going to the beach?


How about going to the beach at La Arena, with a stop along the way at the little port of Zierbena? In spite of its proximity to the Port of Bilbao, Zierbena maintains its traditional charm, with a mix of fishing boats and pleasure craft.

Just 7 minutes’ drive away is La Arena beach, between Zierbena and Muzkiz, one of the region’s main natural areas.

At almost 1 km in length, it is the perfect beach for surfing and other water sports, or for just walking along the shore.

Its wild waters make it one of the finest surfing beaches anywhere on the southern Bay of Biscay coast.

It has multiple amenities, green areas and leisure facilities, making it an ideal spot for a pleasant day out all year round.

Across the bridge over the mouth of the River Barbadún at the western end of the beach lies the district of Pobeña. From this picturesque spot, visitors can access Itsaslur.
This is a green trail built on what was once a rail track serving the local mines. It runs between the districts of Pobeña and Cobarón in Muzkiz.
The wonderful views, the strong swell that breaks on its high cliffs and the vestiges that remain of the area’s industrial past make this a magical spot.


  • By car: 20´ on the N-639 & Bi-3794 roads
  • By bus: 30′ on Bizkaibus line nº A3321
  • By bike: there is a 9.8 km cycle path between Santurtzi (Kabiezes) and the beach – WIKILOC
CERCA DE SANTURTZI, Itsaslur Playa de la Arena

Points along the way

  • Fishing port of Santurtzi
  • Zierbena- The port
  • La Arena beach
  • Pobeña
  • Itsaslur

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The taste of the sea

Santurtzi is a town on the coast where you can enjoy the sea and the hills with urban and natural attractions, try exquisite seasonal fish dishes such as grilled sardines (the local speciality) and sample tasty bar snacks or pintxos.

You can also see the only traditional wooden sailing vessel open to visitors in Bizkaia and the Museum of the Sea, which features exhibits that show the maritime soul of the town and dramatised recreations of traditional fish auctions.

Or feel the unforgettable excitement of seeing a whale blow just a few metres away from you.

Take to the sea on one of our sailing trips or hire a venue for a musical performance or for your association.

Come to Santurtzi, an attractive, friendly town with the sea in its blood.

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