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MOUNT SERANTES makes a perfect lookout point over the El Abra bay and the southern Bay of Biscay coast. This is an incomparable spot for enjoying the ever-changing landscape of the river estuary, the town of Santurtzi itself, the port, the nearby hills and the coastline.

Its strategic location has made it an important defensive bastion against potential military invaders throughout history. The old fortifications bear witness to its importance. The two main features are the fort and the tower on the hilltop, built at the time of the Carlist Wars. Both have been declared Sites of Historic and Cultural Interest.

Apart from its historical interest, this is also a fine spot for nature, with several hidden gems that you can see on the thematic tours organised.

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Guided tours

Saturday 09:30-12:30

Adapted tours ( by bus)

Saturday 10:00-12:00


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