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Kuenta Kuentak

Everything in Kuenta Kuentak is HAND MADE: fascinators, painted umbrellas and high-quality costume jewellery with unique designs made exclusively by Kuenta Kuentak for you.

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Genaro Oraá 9

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Náutica merino, compras en Santurtzi

Náutica Merino

Gifts and decorative items with a nautical theme.
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A specialist in Basque traditional costume. Berets, Basque costume jewellery and crafts. Traditional sandals and espadrilles. Traditional Basque canes. Santurtzi t-shirts
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A shop specialising in shipping-related goods, with a wide range of nautical items for fishing, sailing-themed clothing and accessories (including items by Basque designer brand Batela).
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Iluminación Santurtzi

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Chocolate sardines, Dantzari sweets, pill boxes, mugs, bracelets with the design of the typical Bilbao paving slab, Santurtzi playing cards, ear-rings and pendants with the lauburu motif