Events: Mamariga Kulturgunea

Mamariga Kulturgunea leaves spaces to associations or individuals to carry out specific activities or annual programs.

Mamariga Kulturgunea is a public space for leisure and culture, with the spotlight on the public and their participation. Respectful of ideological and religious orientations or diversity of identity, it aims to contribute to promoting culture in its most varied manifestations, to act as a channel for participation and a social and cultural reference point for the residents in Mamariga –its direct area of influence- and the town in general.

Mamariga Kulturgunea offers three different types of services:

  • Services managed directly by the local authority: Library and play centre
  • ​The loan of spaces to associations or private individuals to organise occasional activities.
  • The loan of spaces to associations to undertake yearly programmes

The loan of spaces, either free of charge of by payment of the set public fee is from Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00. These times may be extended by payment of a surcharge.

Who can apply to use the spaces?

Public and private institutions, associations, companies or private individuals.

Who can apply for free use of the spaces?

Spaces are lent free of charge to the municipal departments, associations listed in the Municipal Associations Register and when events are held for the benefit of non-profit entities to carry out activities of a markedly social and cultural nature.

How to request a space

Requests to use these facilities must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, using the application form available at the centre itself, in the Culture Department or by downloading it from the Town Hall website. Applications can be submitted by hand at Mamariga Kulturgunea or alternatively be presented by post, fax or e-mail.

Prior to rentals being authorised, the set fee must be paid. If scheduled activities are suspended, no reimbursement will be due, unless so contemplated in the regulations of usage.

What more do I need to know?

The specific conditions for the use of each space , contained in the Regulations for use of the Centre and the public price which is set annually. Both may be consulted at the Centre Information Desk and on the Town Hall website.

What spaces are available and for what purposes?

  • ​The entrance hall and lobby for small exhibitions.
  • The toy library when not in use with municipal activities.
  • The assembly hall for talks, concerts and performances, etc.
  • Kitchen for organising workshops or courses.
  • Rehearsal booths for use by music groups.
  • Multi-purpose rooms for courses, workshops, meetings, etc.​

More information

Bogadores, 1
94 483 49 78

Morning from ​​​10:15h to 13:45h
Evening from 17:00h to 19:45h

Assembly hall (120 pax. Seated):

€ 80 / half day

Kitchen (50 pax.)

Assignment dependent on the City Council


More spaces for events

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The Serantes Kultur Aretoa theater has 3 halls with a capacity of up to 1000 people.
Sala Kresala, Santurtzi.

Events: Kresala Hall

The Kresala hall is a venue for events of up to 99 people, ideal for conferences, screenings, performances .
Eventos, Mamariga Kulturgune

Events: Mamariga Kulturgunea

Mamariga Kulturgunea leaves spaces to associations or individuals to carry out specific activities or annual programs.
Palacio de Oriol, Santurtzi

Events: Palacio de Oriol Hotel

The Oriol Palace offers you five spacious halls for events with sunlight and sea views.
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The Casa Torre Palace has four halls that can be freely assigned or rented.

Events: Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum, Santurtzi Itsas Museoa, can be rented for events of up to 70 people.
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Events: Fishermen´s Guild

The auction hall can be rented for events of up to 70 people.


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Events: Mamariga Kulturgunea

Available booking dates

Morning from ​​​10:15h to 13:45h
Evening from 17:00h to 19:45h


Request your reservation, we will confirm availability by email.

You can request an arranged visit for groups outside the regular opening hours by contacting the Tourist Office, T. (+34) 944 83 94 94 or by filling in this form.

Payment is due at the beginning of the activity.