Events: Fishermen´s Guild

The auction hall can be rented for events of up to 70 people.

This emblematic building dating from 1916 has been restored and was inaugurated in May 2012. It is home to the Fishermen’s Brotherhood.

It is home to the Fishermen’s Guild:


On the first floor of the building, there is the fish auction hall, which can be rented independently through the guild It has capacity for 70 people.

This is the room where, until 2000, the fish auctions were held. It has the original bench where sardine sellers or commission agents were stationed to proceed with the auction.

The central element, the auction drum, which was recently restored, is also preserved. It is the fundamental piece to regulate fish auctions and of which there are hardly any model left.

To rent the auction room, you must make a reservation through the Fishermen’s Guild.

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Events: Fishermen´s Guild

The auction hall can be rented for events of up to 70 people.


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The taste of the sea

Santurtzi is a town on the coast where you can enjoy the sea and the hills with urban and natural attractions, try exquisite seasonal fish dishes such as grilled sardines (the local speciality) and sample tasty bar snacks or pintxos.

You can also see the only traditional wooden sailing vessel open to visitors in Bizkaia and the Museum of the Sea, which features exhibits that show the maritime soul of the town and dramatised recreations of traditional fish auctions.

Or feel the unforgettable excitement of seeing a whale blow just a few metres away from you.

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Events: Fishermen´s Guild

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