Walking trail around the Abra bay

Cerca de Santurtzi, Bahía del Abra

ACTIVITIES NEAR SANTURTZ WALKING TRAIL AROUND THE ABRA BAY 0 km away | Full day The nerve centre of the area THE RIVER NERVION The River Nervión is the nerve centre of Bilbao, the capital city of Bizkaia, and its metropolitan area. The river becomes an estuary as it flows towards the sea, passing beneath […]

Taking the “Iron trail” by car

Cerca de Santurtzi, La Arboledaei

ACTIVITIES NEAR SANTURTZI TAKING THE “IRON TRAIL” BY CAR 39.2 km | Full-day A perfect day Mining history This route takes you back to the roots of our mining past, which formed the basis of the industrial development of Bizkaia. From Santurtzi, drive to the POBAL IRON-WORKS. This 16th century, water-powered iron-works smelted ore into […]

Santurtzi-Urdaibai route


ACTIVITIES NEAR SANTURTZI SANTURTZI-URDAIBAI 46.5 km away | Full day URDAIBAI BY CAR Take the A8 road from Santurtzi, following the signs for the airport. Drive on towards Mungia, and in around 35 minutes you will reach Bakio, where the promenade along the beach is well worth visiting. From its western end you can see […]

Santurtzi-La Arena beach-Itsaslur route

CERCA DE SANTURTZI, Itsaslur Playa de la Arena

ACTIVITIES NEAR SANTURTZI SANTURTZI-PLAYA DE LA ARENA-ITSASLUR 13,9 km away | Full day How about going to the beach? LA ARENA BEACH How about going to the beach at La Arena, with a stop along the way at the little port of Zierbena? In spite of its proximity to the Port of Bilbao, Zierbena maintains […]

Santurtzi-Bilbao Route

Cerca de Santurtzi, Bilbao

ACTIVITIES NEAR SANTURTZI SANTURTZI-BILBAO 15 km away | Full day Just 20 minutes from Santurtzi BILBAO “DESDE SANTURCE A BILBAO, VENGO POR TODA LA ORILLA” [“FROM SANTURCE TO BILBAO ALL ALONG THE RIVER BANK I WALK” – lyrics of a popular local song]  Santurtzi stands at the mouth of the river estuary, just 20 minutes from […]

Walking trails in mount Serantes

Santurtzi, monte Serantes

SANTURTZI 6 WALKING TRAILS CLIMB THE SERANTES All levels WALKING TRAILS IN MOUNT SERANTES Mount Serantes in Santurtzi offers you a beautiful natural environment where you can go hiking, relax and do exercise adapted for you. Below we suggest several routes around this magnificent natural viewpoint overlooking the Abra. 3 km | 48 minutes Santurtzi-Kabiezes-Serantes […]