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In the 1890s our aldea bonita (“pretty village”, as Santurtzi was then known) became a tourist resort for well-off families wishing to “take the waters” of the southern Bay of Biscay in our mild summers. 

The Palacio de Oriol mansion, built in 1902 overlooking the left bank of the El Abra Bay, is one of the few surviving residential buildings in Santurtzi that still bear witness to that time. 

The building, which has historical monument status, maintains its original architecture, blended with elegant decoration on an exceptional spot with views over the El Abra Bay.

Now converted into the URH Palacio de Oriol hotel, it is fully refurbished and fitted out with all the amenities expected in the 21st century. It offers rooms of various types, including some with views over the bay, the port of Santurtzi, the cliffs of Punta Galea, Arrigunaga beach and the Puente Bizkaia transporter bridge.

Its large gardens and terrace make it a quiet, privileged location close to the heart of Santurtzi and the Puente Bizkaia, which is a Human Heritage Site.

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